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How Do I Clean My Diamond Ring?

Remember how amazing your diamond engagement ring looked when you took it out of its box? You could see your reflection in the shiny metal and the diamond cast glimmers and sparkles all over the room. I’m sure your memory of this is accompanied with a sense of overwhelming joy and love at what the ring represented, and the question it posed.

A few months later and I’m sure the excitement in looking at the ring is still there, but the ring might not be shining and sparkling quite as much as when it was first presented to you. Here is how to clean your ring and to keep it looking a million bucks.

Monthly diamond ring clean (you may need to clean your ring less often than this depending on lifestyle)

  • You can either clean the ring using a professional jewellery cleaning solution suitable for your metal (this is available at most  supermarkets). This is easy, just follow the instructions on the packet. These last for ages and are really effective. Most of the time the kits come with a little brush and a lint free cloth. Anything but a lint free cloth may give you a fluffy ring.
  • Or, immerse in warm water and brush with a soft toothbrush then dry with a microfiber cloth. If your ring is a bit greasy you can add a few drops of dishwashing liquid to the warm water.
  • There are also polishing cloths that you can buy for precious metals.  These are often impregnated with a cleaning solution so, when rubbed over your ring, will give it a good shine.

jewellery cleaning clothcleaning a diamond ringtoothbrush to clean diamond ring

Yearly diamond ring clean (again, your lifestyle will dictate how often this needs to be done)

  • Get your ring professionally cleaned. Many jewellers have a magical machine called an Ultrasonic Jewellery Cleaner, it cleans your ring through vibration removing every single speck of dirt. There you can also have your ring polished and buffed removing any small scratches in the metal and making it look shiny and new.

Tips for caring for your ring

  • When you take your ring off for long periods of time, keeping it in a sealed plastic bag will reduce any oxidisation of the metal, keeping the sparkle for longer
  • Your diamond can only be scratched by another diamond so keep your diamond jewellery separated in the jewellery box.
  • Platinum and 18kt gold are soft metals and can scratch, therefore be careful if wearing your ring when using tools or undertaking activities that are harsh on the hands.
  • Some strong chemicals could damage your ring. Sample chemicals to avoid are nail polish remover, strong cleaning solutions, and chlorine.
  • Be careful not to get perfume or hairspray on your ring, as these too are chemicals and may cause damage.

Keeping your ring clean will not only keep it looking amazing, taking the time and attention to maintain your engagement ring also has the ability to bring back powerful memories of  first laying eyes on it, and the feelings that accompanied the occasion. This lovely experience makes looking after an engagement ring a true labour of love.

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